The space

Studio A is an authentic north-light studio built to optimal specifications as established in the 1850s. North-light photographic studios and lighting conditions were made famous in the 20th century by icons including Irving Penn and Richard Avedon. The space has a sloped, north-facing wall of windows plus a glass ceiling that allows for continuous soft light throughout the day.

- 1,200 sq ft
- full kitchen & bathroom
- 100 amp 3-phase power
- capacity 85


Rental Packages


Studio Basic

For clients bringing all of their own gear
We only charge for studio space


EQ Basic

x1 Profoto 8a 2400 Air Pack + Air Remote
x2 Profoto Pro Heads w/ reflectors & grids
x2 Strobe Modifiers (umbrella, softbox, etc.)
1x Mac Book Pro 15'' on Digicart


EQ Pro

x2 Profoto 8a 2400 Air Pack + Air Remote
x4 Profoto Pro Heads w/ reflectors & grids
x4 Strobe Modifiers (umbrella, softbox, etc.)
Mac Pro Cylinder & Eizo Monitor on Digicart


All Access

Access to ALL Strobe Equipment + Digi Cart



Yes, we allow events, seminars, workshops, castings and more.



  • Packages do not include outsourced EQ, in-house cameras, lenses, continuous lights, extra grip and consumables.

    All packages include:

    • x6 Large C Stands, x2 Small C Stands, x2 Mini Booms, x1 Wind Up Stand + Mega Boom

    • V Flats, Flags, Power Strips, Stingers, Sandbags and Clamps

    • Hair & Makeup Station and Steamer

    • x2 Clothing Racks & 100 Hangers

    • Wifi, iPad and Speaker Use

Studio A Floor Plan

Studio A Elevation