The space

Studio B is ideal for still life and small production shoots and has been constructed with a north-facing wall of windows.

- 500 sq ft


Rental Packages  


Studio Basic ($400)

For clients bringing all of their own gear
We only charge for studio space


EQ Basic ($500)

1x Profoto 8a 2400 Air Pack + Air Remote
2x Profoto Pro Heads w/ reflectors & grids
2x Strobe Modifiers (umbrella, softbox, etc.)
1x Mac Book Pro 15'' on Digicart


Pro ($800)

3x Profoto 8a 2400 Air Pack + Air Remote
7x Profoto Pro Heads w/ reflectors & grids
Unlimited Strobe Modifiers (umbrella, softbox, etc.)
Mac Pro Cylinder & Eizo Monitor on Digicart


All Access ($1600)

Access to ALL Studio Equipment


Packages do not include outsourced EQ as well as in-house cameras, lenses, HMIs, digital gear and expendables.

All packages include:

  • Full Grip
  • V Flats & Flags
  • Hair & Makeup Station
  • Clothing Racks & Hangers
  • Wifi, iPad and Speaker Use
Studio B Floor Plan_Updated.jpg

Studio B Floor Plan



Studio B is perfect for low budget shoots and is located conveniently next to our EQ room with direct access to the freight elevator.

The studio has a projector screen and is also ideal for lectures and presentations.